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Be Confident in Your Smile

Your dental health can have a negative impact on your life if you lack the confidence in your smile. Individuals with missing, decayed, and discolored teeth are often hesitant to speak with or share a smile with others fearing judgement about their teeth. However, this negative impact extends beyond esthetics. Those with missing or decaying teeth often experience pain and discomfort, which leads to problems chewing and speaking. Often these individuals feel there is nothing to be done to fix their smile or feel such a solution is out of reach. At Shin Huh DMD, PC, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and explore the many options available to you through dental implants!

Our dental team strives to be the best dental implant provider in the Manhasset, NY area. The process of a smile makeover can seem daunting, but trust that we will be with you every step of the way! Usually when one thinks of teeth replacement, dentures are often the first option that comes to mind. However, we are confident that once you learn the benefits of full mouth dental implants you will be convinced.

The Options Available to You

We’re pleased to offer three solutions for replacing your failing or missing teeth: dentures, implant supported dentures or full mouth dental implants. Dentures, though they seem like the most affordable option initially, aren’t a long-term solution, and over time, they may cause more problems than they solve. Implant supported dentures are dentures attached to dental implants that provide greater stability and function. Full mouth dental implants are the ultimate in full arch rehabilitation, permanently replacing all your failing or missing teeth with a fixed bridge of teeth attached to four or more dental implants. While dentures seem like the “quick fix” for missing teeth, it’s important to know that healthier and more permanent solutions exist! Our cosmetic and implant dentist in Manhasset, NY is specifically trained in providing full mouth dental implants and has years of experience placing and restoring teeth for this life-changing solution.

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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

How Our Smile Transformation Process Works

Dr. Huh specializes in the All-On-X protocol, a cutting-edge treatment in oral surgery that provides patients with full arch dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth at the same time. All-On-X is a streamlined process executed in just a few steps:

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

Your full mouth dental implant journey begins with an in-depth consultation and examination. Diagnostics and scans will be taken of the oral structures and sent to the lab to begin creating your implants and prosthesis. This preparation is essential to the success of your surgery and ensures it is accomplished as efficiently as possible. Your dentist will use an All-on-X implant protocol, depending on the extent of tooth replacement.


Step 2: Surgery and Healing

Patients of All-on-X surgery usually require sedation to ensure comfort during the procedure. Our office offers the following sedation options: IV sedation, general anesthesia, oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

During your surgery four to six implants will be strategically placed directly into the jawbone to provide the needed stability for your prosthesis. Dr. Huh utilizes guided surgery techniques to ensure proper placement of your implants. Once your implants are placed, a temporary prosthetic will be placed to create the look of natural teeth. Swelling, minor bleeding, and pain around the area is common after surgery. Patients can expect three to six months of healing after their surgery to ensure proper integration of the implants.


Step 3: Final Prosthesis Placement

Congratulations! You have reached your final appointment and it’s time to place your permanent prosthesis. Your permanent denture is created by our lab and customized to your skin tone and bone structure. These little details ensure a natural looking smile you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

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Your Perfect Smile is Within Reach

From the first appointment to the last, our team will be with you each step along the way to ensure you have the best experience at our office. Our finance team is available to discuss the cost of full mouth dental implants and provide information on insurance coverage and financing options. Full mouth dental implants or full arch dental implants are within your reach! Don’t let indecision stop you from achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. No longer do you need to live with the day-to-day hassle of missing teeth and uncomfortable dentures. Contact our office to learn more about how full mouth dental implants can change your life for the better.

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